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YUGE!: CNN Host Just Left Following Trumps Victory!


VIA| Lewandowski landed in hot water during the primaries for a couple of small incidents before being let go from the Trump campaign, eventually landing at CNN.

He actually never really stopped working for the campaign, even though he was no longer managing.

Now, Corey has departed CNN.

If you can’t remember who just won the election, it was GOP nominee Donald Trump.

Is Lewandowski up for a spot in the administration?

Don’t bet against it…

From The Blaze:

Friday afternoon, former campaign manager to President-elect Donald Trump, Corey Lewandowski, resigned from his position as commentator at CNN. This has been confirmed by Brian Stelter in an article on CNN Money.

The resignation went into effect immediately, and while it is currently unclear whether or not Lewandowski will return as a staffer to Trump, he was reported to have been seen walking into Trump Tower Friday morning.

Lewandowski, Conway, and RNC head Reince Priebus are rumored to be on the short list for Chief of Staff.

We’ll know everything soon enough.

Good things are still to come.

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