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You won’t believe your EYES! Top 10 Bizarre Miracles


Miraculous events are inexplicable by their very nature, but some reported miracles are more bizarre than others. A miracle can mean more than just a sudden ghostly vision or recovery from a serious illness – sometimes the reports are flat out weird. From levitation to moving statues, these miracles might leave you scratching you head in either wonderment or doubt.

 10 Joseph of Cupertino

San Giuseppe Da Copertino Si Eleva In Volo Alla Vista Della Basilica Di Loreto

Joseph of Cupertino was an Italian Franciscan friar who is considered a saint and a mystic. He is said to have sprung into a spontaneous levitation in October of 1630, during a procession in honor of another saint, Francis of Assisi. Joseph of Cupertino remained hovering over the crowd for a while, eventually returning to the ground. Because he experienced this levitation more than once, including in front of Pope Urban VIII, Joseph of Cupertino is considered the patron saint of pilots and astronauts.

 9 St. Bernadette


According to the Roman Catholic church, some bodies of the deceased can become miraculously incorruptible, meaning they do not change form after death. These bodies remain flexible and without decay for an infinite amount of time with no intervention, such as embalming. One such occurrence of incorruptibility is St. Bernadette, who, as of 2012, has been dead for more than 130 years and is said to be in the same condition as she appeared in life.


Fatima, Portugal

Miracle Of Fatima

In the Cova da Iria fields near Fatima, Portugal, a miracle occurred with the sun in October of 1917. According to legend, three shepherd children reported that the Virgin Mary told them a miracle would occur on a certain date and time, and thousands of people gathered to witness it. At high noon, after a patch of rain and clouds, the sun suddenly appeared in the sky as a spinning disk. According to witnesses, the sun then zig-zagged towards the Earth. This miracle was officially sanctioned by the church in 1930.


Atika, Japan Statue

Crying Maria

A nun by the name of Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa had a vision of the Virgin Mary in 1973, and afterwards experienced stigmata on one of her hands which began to bleed. In June of the same year, a wooden statue of the Virgin Mary in her church spontaneously started to bleed in the same place. The statue went on over the next few years to cry and sweat also without explanation. Scientists collected samples of the blood, sweat, and tears, and determined that they were real and human. Sister Agnes was subsequently cured of total deafness with no treatment.


Martin de Porres


Martin de Porres was a lay brother of the Dominican Order who resided in Peru. Among the miracles he is said to have performed, including healing sick patients, is his ability to be in two places at once – literally. Martin de Porres was seen in distant places like Mexico and Japan while he remained at home in Peru. De Porres would provide proof of the journeys in his other body by means of a detailed description of the locations. Martin de Porres was canonized in 1962.

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