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YESSS! ISIS Thug Thinks He’s a Bad A**… Gets a BRUTAL Surprise


I can’t believe that I, as an adult, have to say this to someone who was a fellow adult, but LIFE IS NOT A MOVIE. It’s not a romantic movie, and action movie, a spy movie, etc. Trying to make life reflect any movie is going to end very badly for everyone involved.

But don’t take my word for it, ask this dingus who had to find out the hard way. From Mad World News:

Although Hollywood may have you believe that the bigger the gun, the better chance you have at coming out on top, this isn’t always the case. Unfortunately for one ISIS fighter, he learned this the hard way after trying to go Rambo on a few soldiers – and that’s where he made his first mistake.

According to reports, the incident happened in Syria as a few ISIS militants decided to pick a fight with the nation’s army. As one would imagine, the small group of Islamic jihadists didn’t stand a chance – but that didn’t stop them from trying.

All caught in a video meant to be used for propaganda purposes later, at least one of the fighters was seen wielding a light machine gun. Despite its name, the firearm depicted shoots a much larger round and can deal out much more damage than one might think.

After extending his bipod, the jihadist set up on a berm and decided to go full Rambo on his enemy – there’s just one problem. The inexperienced gunman’s head was far above his cover, making for an easy target as long as someone had the right gun.

Unfortunately for him, someone did, which is just about the time the idiot learned that war isn’t like what you would see in the movies. Despite his best efforts to scare off the enemy, his whole “spray and pray” tactic was shot (no pun intended) to bits as a sniper managed to shoot him in the face, and it was all captured in graphic footage.

Watch the video here

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