YES! Iowa Adopts Voter-ID Law



Finally! Iowa adopts a voter-ID law and joins the more than 30 other states that have it. Now if the last 20 or so states would get the hint…

I can’t believe that this even has to be written about. Requiring voter ID’s SHOULD be common sense. You need your ID to board a plane, notarize a signature or buy a beer, why wouldn’t it be required to vote? It’s absurd that this would even be debated as “unconstitutional.” Seems to me that the only people who wouldn’t want ID’s to be required are democrats who want illegal immigrant votes! It’s about time that we protect the integrity of our elections in all 50 states.

From Breitbart:

“Protecting the integrity of our election law system is very important,” Branstad declared as he signed the bill into law. “We’re very proud that Iowa has a tradition and history of doing so, and this is going to strengthen our ability and make it more effective and efficient.”

In order to help voters learn about how to comply with this law, poll workers in upcoming local elections will ask voters for proper ID, but still allow voters who do not present proper ID to cast a ballot. The June 2018 primary elections will be the first election in which the new requirements will be mandatory. Additional provisions of the new law go into effect in 2019.

The Supreme Court upheld an Indiana voter-ID law in its 2008 case Crawford v. Marion County. The ACLU is threatening to sue to block Iowa’s law, saying it discriminates against racial minorities and other groups. Legal opponents have succeeded in blocking voter-ID laws in whole or in part in Texas, North Carolina, and other states. These lawsuits argue that voter-ID laws violate multiple provisions in the U.S. Constitution, as well as federal voting-rights laws.

I simply cannot understand why ID would NOT be required or why anyone is challenging the idea. Those who claim you shouldn’t have to show ID are basically saying that the integrity of the vote doesn’t matter. If people vote dozens of times or if non-citizens vote, to their mind it just doesn’t matter. Well, of course, it does.

Democrats say outside influence compromised the integrity of election when Hillary lost. If the integrity of the election was their true belief, then why would Democrats be against voter ID to prevent illegal voting and voter fraud? Something always smells fishy with those democrats…

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