YES! It’s Full-Speed Ahead For FBI’s Clinton Foundation Investigation



Democrats have been running around saying that the FBI exonerated Hillary Clinton the other day when Director Comey said nothing had changed his mind about declining to indict Hillary.

As usual, the left is being very disingenuous here.

Yes, he caved to political pressure and covered for Hillary at the last minute.

But that doesn’t mean she is off the hook.

In fact, far from it.

From The Daily Caller:

FBI agents across the country are continuing to actively pursue a broad political corruption investigation of the Clinton Foundation, a probe that is consuming the resources in the FBI’s Little Rock, Ark., field office where every agent assigned to public corruption matters now is working on the case, The Daily Caller News Foundation’s Investigative Group has learned.

“Everybody’s working the foundation in Little Rock,” a former senior FBI official told TheDCNF. There at least 10 agents involved, but it’s possible the Little Rock field office is “pulling bodies from other programs.”

The official previously told TheDCNF that an unprecedented FBI probe of the foundation was being waged in multiple cities, which TheDCNF reported in August. The other cities involved in the probe include New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Miami.

Hillary Clinton has a long way to go before she is completely cleared.

And even if she is “cleared” that only means the FBI is declining to prosecute.

You think Obama has anything to do with that?

Yeah, that’s a safe assumption.

Will Americans elect a president being investigated by the FBI for corruption?

Let’s hope not.

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