YES! Elizabeth Warren’s Days May Be NUMBERED



If you’re a conservative who keeps up with sports, you likely know how legendary Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has become a rather outspoken conservative over the last few years, even getting himself fired from ESPN for sharing his views on social media.

Ever since then, Schilling’s been growing bolder by the day, and his latest move might just give progressive hack Sen. Elizabeth Warren nightmares.

Apparently he’s possibly running for Senate against Warren in 2018.

The Libertarian Republic is reporting, Owner of the infamous “bloody sock” and former Red Sox great Curt Schilling has decided try and “change-up” the government in Massachusetts with a decision to run for Senate against incumbent Democrat Elizabeth Warren in 2018, according to a report out of The Hill.

In an interview Tuesday morning with Rhode Island’s WPRO, he essentially declared his candidacy.

“I’ve made my decision, I’m going to run,” Schilling said.“But I haven’t talked to Shonda, my wife. And ultimately it’s going to come down to how her and I feel this would affect our marriage and our kids.”

In this election cycle, he has been a hard line Trump enthusiast, and he has even gone to bat for Trump defending his latest scandal, in which Trump mentioned he would date a young girl when she got older, saying that was “normal talk.”

If Schilling does end up running, there’s little doubt that particular race would capture the national spotlight, as Warren is one of the most despised individuals in politics right now.

Who wouldn’t love to see her kicked to the curb by Schilling?

Warren, aka Fauxchahontas, has practically set herself up to be the butt of jokes for life after lying about being part Native American, and her liberal policies have done far more damage than good.

With Schilling’s celebrity status — in the sports world and now the political realm — it wouldn’t be too difficult for him to build a dedicated base and give Warren a much deserved thumping.

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