WOW! This STUNNING Trump Christmas Song IS TAKING THE INTERNET BY STORM These Days – ”It’s The Most Wonderful Time In 8 Years”


Christmas is one of the most beautiful parts of the year. People are happy, everything is positive. Now we use this occasion to post a wonderful video with Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton in it. This is going to be the next ultimate Christmas song.

In the video below, in a funny way are revealed Obama’s and Hilary’s mistakes and Donald Trump’s overpower upon them:


They play the song made popular by Andy Williams in the 60’s. It also shows a clip from the famous Christmas movie It’s a Wonderful Life. They have George Bailey beg Donald Trump to make America great again.

The credit for this video goes to Dana Kamide. She is a talented artist and she creates amazing videos and lyrics.

It is still too early to say ,,Merry Christmas”, but we recommend you to learn this song, so we can entertain liberals in the upcoming holidays.

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