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WOW! Check Out Where Hillary’s First Appearance Was Since The Election…



My mom always says even when you get rid of something unpleasant, it can still take some adjustment — like getting a cast off after a broken arm, you’re so glad to be rid of it, but it feels weird for the first few days.

And so it is for those of us who have been following Secretary of State and former Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. I (Michelle Jesse) have to wonder if Matt Drudge was feeling a touch of this when he posted the following headline earlier this week:


Well, while Hillary Clinton may no longer be making headlines in the political realm (thank God, really), she apparently has not fled to Qatar (at least, not yet).

Look where she was spotted earlier today:

And I find myself for the second time this week (and in the entirety of my life, actually) seeing an element of humanness I’d never seen before in Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps life out of politics suits her.

And, to be clear, Hillary Clinton out of politics most definitely suits me.

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  1. David

    November 10, 2016 at 7:25 pm

    There is no humaness in that animal

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