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Our Worst Fears HAVE Been CONFIRMED About Michelle Obama Post White House Plans…


VIA| Michelle Obama once said that she wasn’t proud of her country until her husband became president.

When she said this, she had lived in America for about 45 years.

I’m pretty sure I could come up with one or two good things America did during those years that were as important as electing her husband.

It was a very startling comment that she never really was held accountable for.

Now, with her husband’s time in power running out, liberals think that Michelle is ready for prime time herself.

From Washington Examiner:

First lady Michelle Obama’s star status on the 2016 campaign trail is prompting top Democrats back home in Illinois to ready an effort to recruit her to run for the Senate or mayor of Chicago.

Should she run and win, Obama would join only Hillary Clinton in the rare class of former first ladies to swap out the “volunteer” public service job for an elected position.

The burgeoning effort comes despite Obama’s inclination to leave elective politics behind when her husband’s two terms are up in January, according to National Journal.

“There is no per­son in polit­ics that I think Demo­crats, in­de­pend­ents, and Re­pub­lic­ans would love to see take on pub­lic ser­vice more than the first lady,” Thomas Bowen, a former top aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, told NJ’s Karyn Bruggeman.


Michelle Obama really hasn’t done anything in the White House besides tell kids to exercise a few times, force unaffordable meal programs on schools to the point where some have gone bankrupt, and complain about howslaves built the White House.

But yeah, she should totally be the mayor of a city like Chicago that is totally falling apart.

You get the feeling that the Obamas aren’t going to quietly fade into the night like the Bush family did.

They seem like they are going to be pushing the liberal agenda for years to come.

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