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Wife Husband Is Working 4,000km Away While She Gives Birth. When She Sees What He’s Really Doing—SPEECHLESS


They were on opposite ends of Australia, and she was just moments from giving birth…

Alison was in Perth preparing to give birth. Jace was in Queensland working.

One expecting couple was separated by 4,000 kilometers on opposite ends of Australia while they anxiously awaited the arrival of their next child.

The nature of Jace’s job as a fly-in fly-out worker has made things hard on his family, but he was just doing the best he knew how to provide for his wife and children. However, he was completely heartbroken that he was going to have to miss the birth of their third child.


And Alison wasn’t sure how she was going to go through this all by herself.

“There’s been times where it’s been really emotional and hard to think about going through it all on my own,” she said through tears.


But that was all about to change in an instant. For the first time ever, watch how Samsung Australia bridges the 4,000km gap between two loved ones with one brilliant stroke of technology.

This is truly REMARKABLE.


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