WHOA! What This Man Told Hillary About Bill Clinton Is Spot On, Hillary Reaction To This Is Priceless!



We all know that former President Bill Clinton has not only had affairs, he is actually a sexual predator. Juanita Broaddrick claims to have been raped by Clinton 1978. And Kathleen Willey says she was sexually assaulted by Clinton in 1993.

About three minutes into Hillary Clinton’s stump speech in Fort Lauderdale, Florida yesterday, a heckler yelled “Bill Clinton is a rapist!” while waving a green sign with the same message.

Hillary, who has spent decades covering up her husband’s abuse of women, lost her composure and snapped back!

“I am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and the anger of people who support Donald Trump,” Clinton shouted at her Fort Lauderdale, Fla., rally.[…]

“It is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we’re going forward into a brighter future,” a hoarse Clinton added.

Via NY Post

Watch the shocking confrontation (below). This is incredible!

Look at the way she speaks to the heckler. The intense anger and furious rage. She can’t handle the truth about her husband and just showed her true personality to the world.

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