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Whites Are Officially Banned From This Spot In Washington D.C. After Liberal Babies Demand It


Democrats claimed m the country has a racism problem, the solution? Segregated places for blacks only.

Washington D.C. Is that he nations capital and liberals believe the best way to show equality is to designate an area where only members of the black community are welcome. So in order to promote equality we should digress back to the countries beginning when blacks and whites were segregated solely based on the color of their skin and not their intellectual beliefs? Yeah that really shows the growth of the country.

Via Political Mayhem:

Over the past 8 years, the country has plunged into chaos thanks to Obama’s disastrous policies that were always intended to divide this great nation. Relations between blacks and whites have deteriorated to a new low not seen since the height of Civil Rights movement in the 60’s. Obama promised great change to all Americans but clearly only had his best interests in mind.

During these past 8 years, this hateful attitude towards each other has leaked into our colleges and Universities. Once great learning institutions are now nothing more than anti-white and anti-Republican brainwashing centers. For years Harvard was an exceptional place for young minds to grow but recently has been caving to political correctness. They recently decided to hold an all black graduation ceremony on campus, which if happened any time prior to Obama’s tenure as POTUS would have been considered racist. But somehow, it is the new norm. It is an all new form of segregation, only this time it is white segregation. Now you may think that’s bad, but another college in Washington D.C decided to up the ante.

Black students at the American University in Washington, D.C. are demanding extensions for their exams simply for the color of their skin. Not only that, but they are demanding a “sanctuary for people of color” at the local cafe on campus. After all these years, everything that Martin Luther King Jr. fought for has come full circle and blacks are now demanding segregation, it’s an absolute disgrace. I don’t even need to remind anybody what would happen if the roles were reversed and whites were demanding their own graduations and “safe spaces”.

Members of the black lives matter movement have proven to be more vicious and violent than all others, are they truly the ones in need of a safe space.

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  1. Jane anderson

    June 18, 2017 at 9:37 am

    I go to a medical center and find out I need an operation. I’m in the operating room when my surgeon of color Exclaims Oh I need an extension for doing the operation. Oh I need to go to a safe place.

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