White Women SAVAGELY Attacked by Refugees ALL OVER THE WORLD


Anyone who thinks refugees are harmless and peaceful really needs to watch this video and learn the truth.

Unless your comfortable putting every woman in America in danger don’t allow refugees into the country.

According to Conservative Post– Obama and his minions constantly proclaim that Muslim “refugees” are peaceful people who just want to assimilate into our culture.

What Obama and his cronies are conveniently forgetting, however, is the fact that many Muslims have no respect for women.

According to the Mr. Conservative– This video footage shows a Muslim refugee from Africa proposition a white girl in the UK for sex. When she refuses, he slaps her hard across the face, letting her know exactly how he deals with women who refuse him.

If we continue to let Muslim refugees into the US, our wives and daughters will be living in fear every day in their own country.

(Warning Graphic) Watch Here:

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