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Weak Eyesight? Here’s How You Can See Something Clearly, Without Glasses


People who have poor eyesight would be well aware of the fact that it is extremely annoying to forget spectacles back home or even leave contact lenses behind when you are leaving for a full day at work. It seems like we finally have a solution to this problem, which will now lie in your own very hands. MinutePhysics explained how this works: as light which is too stretched out on the retina enters the eyes, blurry images are formed.

The secret here is to form the shape of a ring with one’s fingers. Upon doing that, one must hold this ring shape over the eye only to allow light rays on the retina which mimics the same effect as that of a pinhole camera. Ofcourse, you would seem very strange as you do this in the presence of your colleagues at work. Perhaps, it is just better to not forget your spectacles next time.


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