WATCH: This Video Proves that KKK Endorses Hillary Clinton!


We have just discovered why Hillary Clinton has been working so hard to paint Donald Trump as a racist.

She doesn’t want the world to know of her own KKK ties.

Even the Grand Dragon of the Klan, Will Quigg, told TV reporters he will endorse Hillary for president!

Reporter: Who do you like for president, sir.

Will Quigg: Hillary Clinton.

Reporter: Do you think whites are superior to Blacks and Latinos?

Will Quigg: Well we are God’s chosen people.

But the evidence does not just end there.

Hillary Clinton’s political mentor, Robert Byrd, was a life-long Klansman who openly opposed Civil Rights. (H/T – Gateway Pundit)


Of course, when Hillary was asked to address this issues, she said he simply joined the Klan “for political reasons.”

So according to her, it’s okay to oppress and entire race of people if it helps you politically.

This is exactly why Donald Trump is the only sensible choice for black Americans, or ANY American for that matter.


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