(WATCH) After Reviewing the Video, People Noticed Something Strange!- She Cheated?!?!



Hillary Clinton disappeared from the campaign trail for a week before the debate. Political observers speculated that it was due to ongoing health issues she would need to take care of in order to handle 90 minutes of debate.

But after reviewing the tape, it appears Hillary Clinton may have cheated. Watch (below) and ask yourself, “Did Hillary Clinton have feedback from an earpiece?” It sure looks that way:

Then, it looks like Hillary Clinton was talking to someone. Did you notice this?

Was Hillary Clinton talking to herself, or was there an earpiece or microphone? The person who posted it on Facebook said she swears, but I’m not sure she did. But clearly, something unusual was going on.

Throughout the night, Hillary kept looking down at the podium, and her final answer was too easily responded to. People on Twitter noticed non-stop nodding throughout the night:

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