WATCH THIS: Raiders Fan Is Begging To Be KNOCKED OUT, Gets The ULTIMATE Sucker Punch



Going to an NFL game is dangerous enough without courting disaster yourself, but don’t tell that to this fan in a Derek Carr jersey. For some reason this man—who is giving up at least a foot and several tens of pounds to the gentlemen in a Khalil Mack jersey—decided to taunt his fellow Raiders fan by doing some kind of kung fu weirdness in his personal space before eventually knocking the sunglasses off his face. It did not end well for him.

The guy in the Mack jersey waited a moment after getting smacked in the grill and then hit him with a left uppercut, followed by another haymaker with his right. As this was happening, another Raiders fan in a Charles Woodson jersey came in from behind and sucker-punched him to the side of the head and quickly ran off. The guy was temporarily knocked out and fell backwards, sprawled out on the ground, before eventually getting back up and receding into the crowd with what was probably a serious, but definitely completely avoidable headache.

The Raiders lost to the Falcons 35-28.

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