WATCH: Mom Cheers as 4-Year-Old Is Tossed from Railroad Bridge into River



A Washington state mother is in hot water after she was caught on tape cheering while a man tossed her son from a railroad trestle into a river.

A bystander along the Wynochee River in Montesano, Wash., captured the terrifying moment that the man dropped the child from the bridge.

Kaylub Fawley posted the video to Facebook, which immediately went viral, garnering more 800,000 views.

His friend, Brianna Jones, told Q13 Fox that she thought the boy was going to break his neck on the trestle’s horizontal support beam.

The boy landed in the water with a ‘crack’, but is said to be doing fine, Heather Nauert reported on Fox and Friends.

“When he came up [after hitting the water], he was actually screaming… it broke my heart to hear that,” Jones said.

The man and the mother have both been cited by the Grays Harbor County Sheriff’s Office. Formal charges have not been confirmed.

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