WATCH: Liberals Who Hate Betsy DeVos Just Got EMBARRASSED In Hilarious Way…


Liberals prove once again that they are uneducated baboons.

Betsy Devos is an American businesswoman who is a known billionaire. President Trump tapped her to be the 11th and current Secretary of Education. Since making this announcement Democrats are complaining that she isn’t qualified or properly educated to hold this position.

Interesting that this is the problem they have considering that they aren’t even educated enough to know that they actually agree with her policies. Only they don’t know it because they don’t bother to do proper research before formulating an opinion.

Via Young Cons: 

Liberals obviously have no idea about the policies DeVos wants to implement. That was proven by a hilarious new video that asked DeVos haters what they thought about her policies without telling them that they were her policies.

Watch Here:

Wow! And democrats want to remove competency exams for educators? Clearly,  education isn’t a priority.

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