WATCH: Huge US Firefighter Plane Helps Israel In Battle Against Wildfires Caused By ‘Pyroterrorism’



The wave of arson attacks on Israel continues unabated and has hard-hit the city of Haifa and other towns across Israel where thousands lost their homes and businesses.

More than two dozen firefighter airplanes worked to extinguish new and existing wildfires across Israel on Saturday.

Among the 29 planes was the American Supertanker, a converted Boeing 747 airplane, that has its base in Colorado Springs and is able to carry 74 tons of water or flame retardant.

The plane arrived in Israel Friday afternoon and was put into service Friday night.

The supertanker is the only firefighter plane able to operate at night and that was the reason Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu hired the plane at a cost of $1.5 million per day.

On Saturday, Israeli police released a video taken from a drone that showed the American firefighter plane in action in the skies above the Judean hills were firefighter crews had difficulty extinguishing a huge fire in the village of Nataf where a dozen of houses was consumed by the flames.

The operation of the plane near Highway 1, which connects Tel Aviv with Jerusalem, led to temporary closure of the road.

TV Channel 2 in Israel reported Friday that the U.S. government will dispatch 53 American firefighters to Israel to help combat what some now call the “Pyro-intifada.”

Israel got also help from Egypt, which dispatched helicopters, and from the Palestinian Authority that responded to a call for help by Netanyahu and sent six teams of firefighters.

Israel’s own firefighter corps is stretched due to the long period of combat against the hundreds of wildfires that were mainly the result of arson by Palestinian Arabs who apparently heeded calls on Palestinian social media that called for the destruction of Israel by a wave of arson attacks.

On Saturday, new fires ignited in several parts of Israel.

A fire that earlier was extinguished in the Jewish village of Halamish in Samaria rekindled in three different locations and destroyed 15 homes.

At the same time, a new blaze was reported on Mount Carmel near Haifa where flames threatened the Druze village of Daliyat al-Karmel.

Six firefighting teams assisted by foreign firefighting planes succeeded to put out the fire in the forest that was the scene of Israel’s deadliest wildfire ever, when 44 people were killed in a huge inferno six years ago.

By now, it has become clear that most of the more than 220 wildfires that drove more than 100,000 Israelis from their homes were nationalist-motivated arson attacks on Jewish towns, villages and cities.

Ehud Yaari, the Arab affairs commentator of TV Channel 2 in Israel, pointed out that no fires were reported in Gaza, Lebanon that has the same ecology as Israel, Jordan and territories under PA control in Israel.

Police have thus far arrested 30 Arab “pyroterrorists” and the manhunt continues unabated.

Security forces use drones to locate suspected arsonists, as was shown on a video of an arson attack on the Jewish Town of Betar Illit near Jerusalem.

The drone camera captured an Arab youth who was preparing to set a fire in Begin Park near Betar illit.

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