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WATCH: Granny Hillary Needs Help On Step At Florida Rally


VIA| Eagle-eyed viewers spotted something interesting at Hillary Clinton’s campaign rally in Florida yesterday.

As Hillary walks out waving to the crowd, she stops at a platform and turns around looking for someone to help her step onto it. Luckily for her an aide has dashed over, already anticipating that she will need help getting up what the American Mirror estimates is an 18 inch step.

Check out the raw footage below:

Steps – and any physical movement, really – are known to be difficult for Hillary, a fact that the campaign tries its best to hide. But you can tell just by how quickly the aide rushes to be at Hillary’s side and how she knows to wait for help that this is a common occurrence.

Here are just a few instances of Hillary struggling physically that we’ve reported on in the past:

With all the help Hillary needs from her staff, it kind of brings new meaning to Hillary’s campaign slogan “Stronger Together.”

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