WARNING IRS is Out for Your Passpost and you can Thank Obama!


IRS just revealed new details regarding passport denial that Obama put into play shortly before leaving office.

Add this to the list of ways Obama effed as many Americans as he could before leaving office. If you weren’t a fan of the IRS before it’s safe to say you now hate them.

According to Traveler– A Dutch woman was recently denied a Swiss passport because locals deemed her “too annoying.” In the U.S., other, more common grounds for passport dismissal routinely make the news: someone wears glasses in their passport photo, or is a convicted felon on parole. Now, another reason your passport can be denied is coming to light: unpaid taxes.

The idea of using travel to enforce tax collection isn’t anything new: It was proposed in the U.S. government as early as 2012, and rejected. But in late 2015, Congress came around to the idea, and President Obama signed it into law.

Forbes reports that the IRS has just released new details about what the tax code stipulation, titled “Revocation or Denial of Passport in Case of Certain Unpaid Taxes” entails.

According to the rule, if you have seriously delinquent tax debt, the IRS is authorized to notify the State Department, which can revoke an existing passport, or “generally” not issue or renew a passport after receiving such a flag. The IRS is also required to notify you in writing that they have contacted the State Department, which gives you an opportunity to straighten out your financials and any immediate travel plans (more on that later).

Via Forbes:

The IRS has not yet started certifying tax debt to the State Department. The IRS says certifications will begin in early 2017, and the IRS website will be updated to indicate when this process has been implemented.

Here is the new information from the IRS:

Seriously delinquent tax debt is an individual’s unpaid, legally enforceable federal tax debt totaling more than $50,000 including interest and penalties, but subject to an inflation adjustment.

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