*WARNING*: The FBI Just Issued A MASSIVE Warning To Both Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump




State election systems have been hacked in the United States, leading FBI Director James Comey to speak publicly about how serious the threat of hacks against U.S. election systems is. The FBI even issued warnings to both presidential candidates about the threat of foreign spies.

Sources told ABC News that two security briefings took place this week with the staff from both campaigns that warned them of the possibility of foreign spies. These meetings were dubbed “awareness meetings” and were unclassified.

These meetings were said to be routine by an FBI official who also noted that they included low-level staffers in Washington D.C. The meetings took place at the building not far from the White House that is the hub for the transition teams for both candidates.

The voluntary meetings were said to last just an hour, one in the morning for Trump’s camp and one later in the day for Clinton’s camp. A campaign staffer told ABC News that the meeting conducted by FBI agents was a “standard best practices briefing” and that it was “not precipitated by any particular [or known] threat.”

ABC News also reported on the recently-revealed hacking of state election systems:

“Officials acknowledged earlier this week that suspected Russian hackers successfully stole voter-related information from the election system in Illinois. Around the same time, ‘a known Russian hacker’ instigated a cyberattack on Arizona’s election systems, but attempts to access the system failed, according to a spokesman for the secretary of state’s office in Arizona.”

While the left likes to blame Trump for the recent string of attacks, specifically those against the Democrat National Committee (despite the fact that Clinton’s ties to Russia are actually fact-based as opposed to the dubious, imagined ties the left puts on Trump), ABC News reported that this type of espionage is not without precedent in recent history:

“The last time two non-incumbents were major-party nominees for the White House – in 2008 – foreign spies engaged in espionage activity ‘like no other’ presidential campaign before it, according to a document from [Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper’s office cited by the Associated Press.

Leading up to that election, foreign spies ‘met with campaign contacts and staff, used human source networks for policy insights, exploited technology to get otherwise sensitive data, engaged in perception management to influence policy,’ said the document, which was used in a slide show warning new Obama administration officials that they could be targeted by foreign spies.”

Clinton should have dropped in on the briefings since FBI Director James Comey admitted she was “extremely careless” with classified information and all evidence thus far points to Clinton having not received adequate security training as secretary of state.

Clinton was recently ordered by U.S. District Court Judge Richard J. Leon to provide documents that show she and her aides received security training during her tenure as secretary of state by Sept. 15. in response to a lawsuit by The Daily Caller News Foundation. If she and her top aide Huma Abedin don’t comply, the two will be deposed.

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  1. Frances Shannon

    September 29, 2016 at 5:43 am

    Hope they steal Clinton’s lies and post them everywhere.

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