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WARNING: 3 Cities Just Got Threatened By ISIS… AMERICA IS UNDER ATTACK!!!



A new threat video from the Islamic State group promised further attacks against American citizens in Orlando, as well as attacks in New York and Washington, D.C.

According to The Clarion Project, the video was released by Islamic State group supporters in the aftermath of Omar Mateen’s rampage at the Pulse gay nightclub, which killed 49 innocent people.

Mateen had called police before the attack to declare allegiance to the Islamic State group, and had been investigated by the FBI for terrorist leanings in the past.“The infidels of crusade America will no longer have security or comfort,” the narrator of the threat video intoned.

“New York, Orlando, Washington and other cities will not feel safety and comfort.”The video went on to say that as long as America kept on attacking the forces of the caliphate in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere, where they are trying to enforce their savage 7th-century version of Islam, we will continue to be attacked by the group. Victory was “forthcoming,” they added.

A new terror threat bulletin from the Department of Homeland Security underlined this.

“In this environment, we are particularly concerned about homegrown violent extremists who could strike with little or no notice,” the DHS bulletin read. “The tragic events of Orlando several days ago reinforce this.”

“Accordingly, increased public vigilance and awareness continue to be of utmost importance,” the bulletin continued.

DHS said it was especially concerned that terrorists might be going after easy targets where people may gather.

“DHS is especially concerned that terrorist-inspired individuals and homegrown violent extremists may be encouraged or inspired to target public events or places,” the statement said, noting that extremists “consider a diverse and wide selection of targets for attacks.”

Welcome to Obama’s America. Eight years ago, he laughed when Bush said we had to fight terrorists in the Middle East so that we didn’t have to fight them over here. He’s not laughing now — and neither are those who lost relatives in Orlandoand San Bernardino.

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  1. David

    November 14, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    Commanders on the ground and at sea order your troops and dailors to teturn those shitholes to nothing but sand and tents its you Constitutional Duty when a a pussy domestic enemy sleeps in the white house.

  2. David

    November 14, 2016 at 7:54 pm

    Sailors to return

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