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VP Pence Gets Some TERRIBLE News – Please Send Prayers


Liberal media has officially gone WAY TOO FAR!

Whether you are famous for acting or politics everyone can agree that having some level of privacy is still something everyone deserves. Publishing a private and personal email, phone number or address is a crime and should be met with jail time.

An author from the Associated Press had the nerve to publish VP Mike Pence’s wife’s email address on a public forum available worldwide. On top of that after being asked to remove the email address the Associated Press refused. If Michelle Obama’s email had been leaked you can rest assured that Obama would have thrown a fit and had that man arrested for endangering a member of the first family.

Breitbart reported that Pence slammed the Associated Press not only for printing Karen Pence’s personal email address and refusing to take it down. He took to Twitter to accuse the AP of “violating her privacy and our security…”

Last night the @AP published my wife’s private email address, violating her privacy and our security…

— Vice President Pence (@VP) March 4, 2017

Pence later tweeted again to post a letter to the AP in which Counsel to the Vice President Mark Paoletta detailed communications from the Vice President’s Press Secretary to the reporter responsible for the story, as well as the Indianapolis AP Bureau, requesting the email address be taken down. Unfortunately, Pence was refused, so he is now demanding an apology.

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  1. Gino Grimaldi

    March 6, 2017 at 3:47 pm

    If you can sue them then do so! Let me know the name of that piece of shit that reported it to the ap! We’ll find his family out and make his as miserable!

  2. Aurelio Nunez

    March 7, 2017 at 11:20 am

    People need to know that we now in this country have a very corrupt MEDIA. They do not always tell the truth. They print what they want to make news. No matter who gets hurt.

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