VIRAL: Fisherman Gets In A Fight With A Massive Great White Shark, Uses His Garden Broom To Fight It Off.


VIA| A trip to the ocean goes from fun to frightening the moment a dark, dangerous fin pops out of the water. The terrifying Jaws theme song might come to mind. As cool as they are, sharks are incredibly scary. I don’t know if it’s the dead eyes, sharp teeth, or their massive size, but these creatures are petrifying.


What would you do if you were up against this beast? After all, you can’t swim away. Even Michael Phelps is no match for a shark’s speed. Unless the animal is feeling merciful, I’d say you’re f*cked. Amazingly, there seems to be a device that’s great at keeping sharks away – a garden broom. Hop over to the next page to see the footage of someone fending off an angry and massive Great White.

Being face-to-face with a gigantic killer shark could end badly. That is, unless you have a broom. Fisherman Dan Hoey, his brother and a client were enjoying some time on the water in Victoria, Australia, when things got scary. A seemingly pregnant Great White was tailing their tiny boat. She even sank her teeth into one of the boat’s motors. Enough was enough. Finally, Hoey had the brilliant split-second idea of using a garden broom to shoo the shark away.

This video is enough to keep me away from the ocean for life. Don’t get me wrong – I love sharks. I think they’re cool, and at times maybe even cute. Still, they’re undeniably terrifying. Next time you venture into the deep, blue sea make sure you’re well equipped with your trusty broom.

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