Illegal Immigration




This viral video shows how hypocritical liberals are, they preach tolerance for refugees until one comes looking for shelter from them!

This is the best video EVER. French liberals preach on how important it is to accept refugees with love and open arms… then when presented with the opportunity to give a homeless refugee shelter, all they can do is mumble and trip over their words to find excuses.

This is typical, they preach one thing as long as they aren’t personally affected by it. Liberals want their countries to keep open borders and allow in refugees and illegal immigrants but they would never shelter these people in their own homes, around their own families.

From Milo:

“Perhaps the people featured in the clip should be grateful that they even have a choice,” writes Watson.

“In some European countries, governments are literally requisitioning property to forcibly house migrants against the wishes of the property owner,” he continues in reference to the case of one Italian man who was forced to house African migrants in his hotel.

Watson goes on to cite The Philanthropy Chronicle to point out that while liberals often boast of their great virtue, it’s really poorer conservatives that, on average, shell out more money to charities than rich liberals.

The left is VERY tolerant with other people’s money and resources… Just like all these out of touch Hollywood actors. They want to preach to us about accepting refugees and to open our borders but they live behind strictly monitored gates and walls and I don’t see them jumping up to house refugees.

This is why I’ve always believed that most people who claim to be all for taking them in are full of BS. It’s mostly just a show that they put on for people so that they will look good, but it’s just an empty gesture, just like their heads are empty.


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