Usain Bolt ‘Let Women Hold His Gold Medals If They Flashed Their B00bs’


Usain Bolt seems to be on a mission to piss his girlfriend off as much as possible before returning home to Jamaica. He’s doing a really good job of it as well as reports of ‘fake Olympic ceremonies’ and ‘boob flashings’ continue to dog his reputation.

He’s been partying pretty much non-stop in London, and on Friday night he was pictured leaving yet another club with six women.

According to The Sun, on one of the nights once he got back to the hotel, he made the girls stand as if they were on a podium and dished out his 100m, 200m and relay gold medals after they flashed their boobs.


At one point, one of the girls asked who was the winner, to which Bolt joked: “It’s all gold. There are no losers.”

A source told the newspaper: “Usain had been partying at Tape nightclub and was in a really cheeky mood.


“At first everyone was just goofing around but he started complimenting some of the ladies on their cleavage and encouraged two to flash him and a pal.

“Then he dished out his medals while music played from his iPhone. He was laughing a lot, pretending it was like Rio.”

Tell you what, he really knows how to have a good time. A few days ago he told The Sun: “I am here to sleep in the day, party in the night. London is the best city for me right now.”

Looks that way to be fair.

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