Jordan releases video showing US troops surrendering before deadly shooting


Three U.S. Special Forces soldiers were in a deadly shooting, now Jordan released the video showing their surrender before the death of 2 of them and revealing the truth.

The security camera footage was revealed Monday, giving us the real details over what happened to these soldiers. And the video did not match up with what the Jordanian military had previously claimed. Watch the shocking video below…

From Fox News:

Jordanian 1st Sgt. Marik al-Tuwayha is seen in the video firing at the four-vehicle U.S. convoy, continuing to pull the trigger even though the American soldiers desperately wave their arms in surrender during the six-minute gun battle. Two of the men get out of their vehicles and take cover behind a barrier – but al-Tuwayha keeps shooting.

Eventually, the Jordanian guard closes in on the men and guns them down. One U.S. soldier involved in the incident survived the attack.

The video doesn’t clearly reveal what prompted al-Tuwayha to open fire. The lack of sound in the video also makes it unclear what those involved were saying.

Spokesman Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway said the Pentagon was aware the video has been released and referred all questions to the Jordanian government.

And before any of you liberals jump on here blaming President Trump, know the facts… This incident happened in November of last year, hence, under YOUR president Obama!

If this isn’t an act of war, I don’t know what is. Let’s see what President Trump does with this new information. You know he doesn’t play when it comes to America and it’s citizens, especially our soldiers!

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