UNREAL: Check Out What Hillary’s Staff Said About Patricia Smith…


VIA| Team Hillary certainly has their marching orders from the Queen. Even when it involves the mother of someone who lost their life protecting an American ambassador (that Hillary couldn’t be bothered to care about herself).

Hillary’s press secretary, Brian Fallon, is just the latest to call Patricia Smith a liar. Here, he’s being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell (herself a Clinton fangirl), and even Andrea is all “Hey – maybe you ought to treat Patricia Smith with a little more respect than you’re giving her” –

Wait, wait, wait – Fallon is actually suggesting that Hillary NEVER claimed the Benghazi attack was caused by a video?

Has Fallon ever heard of the internet? ‘Cause that’s where I found this clip of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton making a speech AFTER the coffins holding the bodies of the men who were killed in Benghazi landed on American soil saying that VERY THING (Hillary’s at the 1:01 mark) –

Team Hillary must think the American people are complete and utter morons if they think we’re buying this line from them. Hillary and Obama blamed the video from the very beginning. The American people thought “Hey, this is probably terrorism against our country!” The first thing the Obama administration said was “It’s a video mocking Muslims! Don’t mock Muslims, guys! That’s why these men are dead!”

I think the only reason Hillary and her minions are calling Patricia Smith a liar is because that’s whatHillary herself does all the time. She assumes that anyone trying to destroy her must be lying, because that’s what she would do in the same position (and frequently does). Just this time, she got caught in her lies. And we have the video to prove it.

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