THAT WAS UNEXPECTED- Bill’s Unwanted Black Son Just Did The UNTHINKABLE And Asked Monica Lewinsky For This… LOL!



Since the 1990s, Danney Williams of Little Rock, Arkansas, has claimed to be the illegitimate child of then-Gov. Bill Clinton — and now, he has appealed to Clinton’s former mistress, Monica Lewinsky, to help him find the truth.

Williams’ plan was to use the infamous “blue dress” Lewinsky wore on Feb. 28, 1997, which contains (or at least contained) a stain verified by the FBI to include Clinton’s DNA.

According to Radar Online, Williams has sent a letter asking Lewinsky for that piece of clothing.

“I’ve done my homework and I saw they returned the dress to her after the tests and I thought why not ask her for it. I’m praying on it that she will make this happen for me. I’m sure (the Clintons) hurt her as they hurt me,” WIlliams said.

“I believe Hillary told my dad I would ruin her chances of being in the White House,” he continued. “I feel she cut him off from being in my life, but this isn’t political.”

“I have been told my entire life that I am President Clinton’s biological son and I want my kids to know their grandfather,” he said.

Who knows whether Williams is actually the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton. However, if Clinton took a moment to provide the DNA for a simple test, we’d all know a whole lot sooner and he could put it behind him.

According to Radar, in the letter Williams wrote Lewinsky, he claimed Clinton “provided cash support for me when I was a boy as well as having Arkansas State Troopers deliver Christmas presents to our home each year.”

Williams has tried to contact Clinton, but has been stonewalled.

In the face of such rejection, Williams thinks the question of his paternity “can only (be) resolved with a true, verified DNA test.”

Were the test positive, the Clintons would of course have yet another scandal on their hands — but that’s nothing new for them.


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