Ultrasound Shows Baby ‘Singing’ When Hearing Music For The First Time


For years, medial experts believed that infants in the womb could not detect sounds until 18 to 26 weeks. However, Dr. Marisa Lopez-Teijon of the Institut Marquès in Barcelona discovered something breathtaking. When music was played intravaginally through a device, babies as young as 16 weeks not only could hear the sound, but they responded to it in the ultrasound. The fetuses would move their mouths and tongues as if they were trying to talk or sing. Not only is the video mesmerizing, but the research is important. With this new technique, they can determine whether a child is deaf or hearing-impaired early on in the pregnancy, giving parents time to prepare before the child is even born.

The new device called the “Babypod” is on the market for pregnant mothers. With it, they can begin to prime their children for language and healthy brain development even earlier!

“We are aware of and recognize the importance of talking to babies from the moment they are born to promote neurological stimulation,” the study indicated. “Now we have the amazing opportunity to do this much sooner, which is a huge advance.”

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