THE TRUTH: Why Ambassador Stevens Couldn’t Get Through to Hillary During Benghazi…



Former Libya Ambassador Chris Stevens sent many cables to the State Dept. about how tense things were in the country before he and three other Americans were killed on 9/11/12 at a diplomatic compound.

Hillary Clinton, as we all know, was SecState at the time.

Why did she ignore his requests for assistance? Why didn’t she help when asked?

This cartoon explains.

And sadly, it’s potentially very accurate…


A WikiLeaks email shows the Clinton staff referring to Amb. Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods as “the four guys”…

From Breitbart:

An email chain entitled “DRAFT: Opening Statement” involves discussion between Dan Schwerin, David Kendall, Jennifer Palmieri, Mandy Grunwald, Katherine Turner, Jake Sullivan, Cheryl Mills and Phil Barnett according to the Wikileaks released document. On October 16, 2015 Schwerin sends an initial draft of “HRC’s opening statement based on our discussion today” and adds, “As Cheryl mentioned, we’d love to get this to HRC for a first read tonight or tomorrow, so quick feedback would be great.”

Several of those addressed respond with their input on the statement and edits. Though Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is included in those the email dialogue was circulated to, it doesn’t appear that he offers a response in this chain.

An October 19, 2015 email from Mandy Grunwald, however, does give input in the email discussion about what to include in a statement from Clinton on Benghazi and it reads as follows:

Seems odd to put the tributes to the four guys into this statement, since it is mostly the repackaged testimony. We can’t overdo the tributes to them and I think they should be done in person.


Mandy Grunwald

RIP to the Benghazi Four.

H/T: Federalist Papers

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  1. Pat Green

    October 30, 2016 at 3:30 pm

    We the American People are sick and tired of all this crap, Crooked Hillary committed Treason, Murder, sold our country to the highest bidder, habitual liar, scam artist, and thief who was a politician employed by the U.S. Government and answers to the people when she committed all of these crimes. Trump was a private citizen and did not commit any crimes. We do not care about his tax returns, We do not care about what he said about women, We do not care how much money he is worth, We really care about national security, secure borders, defeating ISIS, EPA regulations on coal and oil and gas jobs. Fare Trade, and a strong leader like MR. Trump No matter what they say about his past will not change our VOTE. But come November 8th when he becomes President he will answer to the people and everything he says or does. He starts with a clean slate. Crooked Hillary is a lost cause and should answer to the people for her crimes. A vote for killery who is a habitual liar, scam artist, traitor, murder and proven criminal today, then they deserve what they will get. A country over run by muslim immigrants, No Jobs, back breaking taxes, confiscation of guns from law abiding citizens, censored freedom of speech, dividing our country for votes, a weakened military and inevitable WAR likely on US soil

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