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TRUMPS GOT THIS IN THE BAG: What This Man Was CAUGHT Doing Today Will Burn Hillary To The Ground…


VIA| FBI and Local police are investigating how 19 dead Virginians just registered to to vote. Virginia is a swing state.

What is even better is that the relatives of the dead man received a note congratulating him for registering, according to Rockingham County Commonwealth’s Attorney Marsha Garst.

His family members were very distraught,” said Garst, who confirmed the existence of the FBI and police investigation but said she could provide few details because the case is ongoing.


A young Virginia Democrat working for a Democratic voter registration group was caught filing voting records for dead people. His name was Andrew Spieles and he is a James Madison University student and he works for HarrisonburgVotes, according to Daily News-Record.

*** He was only caught when the clerk recognized that one of the names filed was for a dead World War II veteran that he knew.

Trump was right. Hillary is corrupt to the core! Watch what he says below.

This woman will do anything to cheat. We have to stay vigilant. If you want Trump to win, we need to report any incidents like this.

*** Share this with every Trump voter you know!

Wear read to the polls. God bless Trump! We obviously need him because the corruption is knee deep and I haven’t even put my boots on. (h/t Red State)

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