TRUMP WINS! After Elizabeth Warren Lied About Him, WATCH Trump Ruin Her on Live TV


President Trump joined Fox and Friends and he wasn’t holding back! He talked about a range of issues but things got especially heated when he was asked about Elizabeth Warren and the “Resistance” movement.

Warren, who many believe will run for President in 2020, came out with some sick comments about Trump’s healthcare bill. She said people will “die” because of the bill and that Trump will have blood on his hands.  Not surprisingly, Trump was not happy about her sick comments and he had an EPIC response on live tv.

First, he criticized the “resistance,” saying the Democrats are simply being obstructionists and have no plan to help America.

Then, Trump turned his aim to Warren’s comments, calling her “Hopeless” and full of “hatred.” WATCH Trump’s comments then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral. (Full interview below)

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