Trump Was RIGHT! Feds Raid Florida Mosque And Uncover HORRIFYING Plans For Americans


Hypocrisy is alive and well. The truth about what really happens in Mosques comes to light.

Liberals and gun control are synonymous with one another. Every time there’s a shooting, wether it be mass or police related, democrats cry for stricter gun control laws because clearly these criminals will abide by that. Why libtards don’t seem to grasp the concept that gun control removes guns from the hands of the good guy not the bad guy is insane.

Criminals will get guns illegally because obviously they don’t care about the law.

Liberals have also complained about guns in church. Saying it’s hypocritical to carry a weapon in a peaceful environment.

Via Politic Us USA:

It is impossible for any American to support conservatives or Republicans and be a follower of Christ no matter how devoutly they claim Christianity as their religion. In fact, it is relatively safe to say that if a person calls themselves a Republican, teabagger, libertarian, or an independent and votes for Republican candidates and claim they are also Christians, they are pathological liars of the first order. It is utterly impossible to support any Republican policy and be a Christian, and yet they are the people most likely to claim their religious devotion to Christianity informs their support of conservatives in general and Republicans in particular.

Interesting that recently a flordia mosque was raided and it was discovered that they are holding weapons training classes.

Via Freedom Daily:

CAIR-Florida Regional Operations Director Nezar Hamze, has taken it upon himself and others to hold firearms training in the Mosque, as a way to protect themselves…

What exactly are you protecting yourselves from? Because as far as I can tell you are the religion harboring radicals and supporting suicide bombings.

The constitution says nothing against this practice and we haven’t heard the liberals crying about it. Hypocrites.

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  1. Jill

    February 26, 2017 at 10:30 pm

    I do not agree with whoever wrote this article for the simple fact not reason but fact I am a Republican and a Christian. My question is what does your religion preference have to do with a Mosque being raided for illegal things going on in their Mosque, all that does is prove they r not all in there to warship and most of us already knew that it has just been proven that’s all. If truth be known there r probably a lot of Mosque’s here in the States that do and have the same things going on in theirs.

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