Trump RIGHT AGAIN! Immigrant On Banned Country List Convicted Of Murdering 2 Students In Grocery Store Bombing!


President Trump is cleaning house! Illegal immigrants, it’s time to go back to where you belong.

Democrats have gone above and beyond to stop Trump’s immigration ban stating that it targets Muslims. Regardless of who they believe it targets the truth of the matter is all illegals are breaking the law. America has a system for becoming a legal citizen. If that’s not something you are interested in doing then, by all means, stay where you are.

Lying on your citizen application will also earn you a one-way ticket home. Such is the case with Rasmea Odeh, known for her work with the woman’s march, Mrs. Odeh gained an American Visa by lying about her past.

President Trump wants to come up with a better more efficient way to vet incoming immigrants. Clearly, this is needed seeing as one woman managed to slip through undetected even though she is a known terrorist and criminal in another country.

Democrats have no defense when questioned about Rasmea Odeh. The current system doesn’t work and she is proof.

Via Truth Monitor:

Many conservative outlets ran the story about Rasmea Odeh and how she killed two Jewish students while they shopped for groceries in 1969. She was also convicted and put in jail when she immigrated over here as she lied about her history to gain citizenship. She appealed her case and blamed the faulty memory on PTSD.

It’s pathetic when the woman’s movement becomes about defending a terrorist murderer.

Via HeatStreet:

The terrorist-turned-activist rose to prominence in the US following her involvement with the Women’s March and another recent high-profile protest, “A Day Without A Woman”. In a letter in The Guardian that she co-authored with other activists, Odeh urged women worldwide to join in a “new wave of militant feminist struggle.”

Trump is going to make America great again by removing these unsavory characters from our country once and for all.

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