Trump Makes Important Call Following Bombing Of Syrian Chemical Storage Facilities


Donald Trump is turning out to be more Preseidential thananyone thought possible.

As a businessman Trump understands the value of thanking someone for a job well done! In wake of the 59 missiles launched at Syria on the Presidents orders, Donald Trump decided to stay up very late on Sunday in order to personnally Thank the Commanders of the two ships that launched the missiles for him. The two Commanders in question couldn’t have been more thrilled to recieve the unexpected phone call from the POTUS.

Via Liberty Writers:

Donald Trump was up LATE Sunday night for very special phone call. When everyone else was alseep, the President made a call to BOTH of the US Navy Ships that bombed Syria for him on Friday.

Cmdr. Russell Caldwell and Cmdr. Andria Slough of the USS Porter and USS Ross were in total SHOCK when they picked up the phone to hear the President on the other line.

First we have President Trump MAKING the call…

Then we have the reaction pictures of Cmdr. Andria Slough…

…And Cmdr. Russell Caldwell taking the historic phone calls.

Clearly Donald Trump knows how to please his people and make them feel appericiated. Something Obama was never able to do.


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