Trump JUST BUSTED UP Largest Organized Crime Ring In US History


President Trump has been in office for less than a month and has already proven to be a complete badass.

America’s biggest economic drain comes from supporting millions of illegal immigrants, and that is why Trump is putting all his efforts into keeping this immigration ban in place.

Taxpayers are the real losers when it comes to the mass amount of illegals in the country who manage to find every way possible to abuse the welfare system on top of committing numerous other crimes.

Democrats are all about welfare and helping everyone, no matter what it does to the country’s economy.

Via World News Politics:

Immigrants from far flung locations communicate in informal but linked together networks. They talk of the gravy train that awaits them in America. They are talking about free money from welfare, free education and free health care.

They send money back home that supports half a village in some cases. Taxpayer money in large measure because even when they get a job here, they game the system and stay on welfare and other forms of public aid.

How do they do this? The network exists here too, not just overseas. So, when they get here there are people who will help them further defraud the government.

The amount of money we spend on just welfare for people here illegally – meaning they are not eligible – is in the billions. Possibly hundreds of billions.

Even the left admits this. The Mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti put the number at tens of billions if you include schools and health care. If you include those than it is hundreds of billions because he is just talking about one city. If you add up all the major cities the amount is off the charts – no one really knows the exact figure but it is without question the largest ORGANIZED  crime ring in American History.

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