Trump at CEO Business Town Hall: ‘Common Core… We Have to End It’


Education became a joke under the Obama administration. Now Trump has plans to take the big brother out of the equation.

Common core has ruined the American education system for children in grades K-12. Allowing government officials in Washington to control the educational requirements for all the different states ultimately lowered the standard of education by over simplifying it.

Trump wants to end common core and remove Washington from the picture and now that he is in office the ball is in motion. Allowing local state government to control the educational requirements allows them to have more control over who can and can’t receive a diploma.

Via Breitbart:

At his CEO Business Town Hall Tuesday, President Donald Trump returned to his campaign promise to end the highly unpopular Common Core standards and once again make education policy the domain of local governments.

“Common Core, I mean, we have to bring education more local,” Trump said at the White House. “We can’t be managing education from Washington.”

The president continued:

When I go out to Iowa when I go out to the different states and I talk, they want to run their school programs locally and they’ll do a much better job… And I like the fact of getting rid of Common Core. You know, Common Core, to me, we have to end it. We have to bring education local, to me. I’ve always said it, I’ve been saying it during the campaign, and we’re doing it.

The future of the country is in the hands of the generations that come after us and it’s vital that they receive a proper education in order for the country to flourish rather than to drowned.

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