It’s a Full-Blown Meltdown After Trump Announces Ban On Trangenders In The U.S. Military


Twitter has just exploded because President Trump announced that transgender people will no longer be able to serve in the military.

Hey, transgenders can be transgender, they just can’t get a sex change on the Military’s dime. Makes sense to me, what good can a person be to the military when they’re going through different medical procedures, the most extreme one being a huge surgery between your legs. I think it just puts you in the same category as others who have medical problems and can’t join.

As to be expected, progressives shot back with full force

 What you are proposing is to put back in place “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” a policy which hurt the military, and caused witch hunts of troops.

— Vets Against Trump (@Vets_Vs_Trump) July 26, 2017

Most of these “transgenders” are only joining to get the medical assistance…they should not be in the military! I support Trump’s ban.

Transgenderism requires a lot of medical attention, intervention and constant care. It is a chronic medical condition, this makes sense people!


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