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Trucker Sets Up Camera On Dashboard. It Was Only A Matter Of Time Before He Captured It [video]


Safe driving and maintaining proper distance gives you time to avoid somthing like this happeining to you.

In order to become a liscensed driver in America one must complete some form of driver education. Included in this education is the topic of tailgating. Every driver has been in a situation where either they were in a hurry or the person behind them is and tailgating occurs. In order to avoid tailgating the rule of thumb is for every ten miles an hour one car length should be added between you and the car in front of you in order to maintain an accurate response time.

If you are in that big of a hurry that tailgating comes in to play, you are probably going to be uoset that a car accident is going to make you extremely late. One semi driver with a dash cam experienced first hand what happens when people tailgate and limit their reaction time.

Via AWM:

A truck driver behind the whole scene captured the accident on his dashboard camera. At first, cars and trucks are spaced out, but then the situation turns a little tighter. He moves to the left lane but immediately gets back in the right as he sees the situation begin to get dicey ahead.

The owner of the footage provided this description on the YouTube video:

“The state troopers were extremely grateful for my dash cam video of an accident you are about to see. I was grossed out close to 80,000 lbs. I was fortunate I was able to stop my truck. The outcome could have been much worse. Thankfully, there was no serious injuries or fatalities. Please be careful out there people.”

He further added more information about the incident in the comments:

“The accident actually occurred ahead of the pile up. Ahead of the pile up, a construction vehicle was making a left hand turn into the jobsite. The vehicle behind him slowed down for the construction vehicle to make his turn. The vehicle behind him, rear ended him. Those two vehicles were in the process of pulling off onto the shoulder. The pile up began as the third vehicle saw what had occurred ahead of him and slowed down to almost a complete stop, that’s when the pile up of the other vehicles began. This is what the driver who stopped claimed when the officers arrived. This is where we must engage our four ways to let the other vehicles know there is a problem ahead. That and paying attention to the vehicles in front of you.”

He also explained:

“These construction vehicles or any vehicle making a left hand turn into the medium can be extremely dangerous! My first response when I see a potential problem ahead is to slap on my four ways and slow down. This also informs the drivers behind me to slow down too. They put these devices on our vehicles for a reason. Just like turn signals, use them. It informs the drivers behind you. It’s common sense!!!”

Watch Here:

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