Tri-state terror campaign: A total of FIVE bombs planted in 24 hours



Col. West often says he doesn’t believe in coincidences. It’s difficult to look at the facts about what just happened in New York and New Jersey yesterday and not agree.

The Daily Mail reports, at 9.30am on Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded shortly before the Semper Five Run at Seaside Park, New Jersey.two additional unexploded pipe bombs were also found in a garbage can near the event 5km run in New Jersey. Seaside Park is approximately an hour and a half south of Chelsea in Manhattan.

Then, as we reported lated last night, approximately 12 hours later, a “suspected IED” exploded in a dumpster in Chelsea, injuring 29 people, thankfully none with life-threatening injuries.

The NYPD Special Operations Unit reported finding what may be a second explosive device, which was not detonated, at about 11 p.m. Eastern Time.

THat’s now five. Are there any others we haven’t yet found?

The second device was later described by officials as a “pressure cooker” bomb, similar to the homemade explosive devices used in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings.

While über-liberal New York mayor Bill de Blasio scratches his head trying to figure out if these bombs have anything to do with terror, the Twitterverse has made up its mind.




Thank goodness no one was killed in the blasts, and not all the devices were detonated. But it’s not very comforting to know our American neighborhoods may be now be battlefields with IEDs.

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