Trey Gowdy Get’s His Hands On The Most Incriminating Evidence Of The Entire Investigation… HE IS FIRED UP!!!


VIA| Hillary Clinton’s top adviser Sidney Blumenthal is in hot water this week. In a formal hearing, Trey Gowdy cross-examined him about his involvement in the Clinton email scandal.

“I respect the fact that other people have different perspectives,” Gowdy explained after the hearing. “But to me, those are not Sidney Blumenthal’s emails.

They are Secretary Clinton’s emails to or from Sidney Blumenthal. And every one of them relates to Libya and Benghazi. So I’m not reading Blumenthal emails about bridesmaids dresses or wedding plans or yoga.”

But that is not all Gowdy had to say on the matter.

“These are all Libya and Benghazi,” he added. “And to the extent that he was one of the more prolific emailers to her on the subject matter, how do you not ask? How does this person who has no formal role in government and no expertise in Libya or Benghazi, how does he have unfettered access to you?”

“But the ambassador, there is not a single email to or from him?” Gowdy pressed, before concluding, “I get that people want to refer to these as Sidney Blumenthal emails. They’re Hillary Clinton emails that she received from him. And frankly, I think it’d be a dereliction of duty if you didn’t ask about them.”

What do you think? Do you agree with Gowdy?

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