Trey Gowdy DESTROYED Nancy Pelosi, says she is ‘MIND NUMBINGLY STUPID’ (Video)


Yes! Trey Gowdy calls out libtard Nancy Pelosi and it is epic! You have to see this.

The fact that he did this on live tv just proves what a complete badass this guy is.

According to Conservative Post– Nancy Pelosi has been in the news a lot lately and none of it for good reason.

She recently held a Town Hall with CNN and was humiliated by a Texas Rancher, told an adopted woman that her mother Should’ve Had The Choice To ABORT You, microphone incidents, hot mic incidents and so much more.

So it comes as no surprise that Trey Gowdy has a VERY LOW opinion of her.

Take a look at him completely obliterate her live TV.

Watch Here:

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