Thugs Throw Cigarette in Woman’s Hair, Boyfriend INSTANTLY Makes Them Pay


Awesome. These two thugs messed with the wrong couple and the end result is epic.

This is how a real man protects his lady.

According to CT– The two bullies were standing around in what appeared to be some sort of passageway, possibly on a public transit system. One of them was smoking a cigarette.

At that point, a man and a woman strolled by, arm in arm.

After they had passed the two thugs, one of the bullies flicked a cigarette at the woman’s hair.

Both of them turn around and the boyfriend has words with the hooligans (there’s no audio on the security camera that captured this). His girlfriend seems to be ushering him past it when one of the bullies — the one who flicked the cigarette — seemed to nonverbally challenge the boyfriend to a fight.

He quickly finds out just why he shouldn’t have done that.

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