This Super Cool Dog Chilling At A Phillies Game Is Having The Best Day Ever


Look at this dog. Look at it. It is having the absolute best time at a Phillies preseason game. And it’s not because it cares about baseball, mind you — it is, after all, a dog, and dogs don’t care about baseball (unless it’s Air Bud).

Rather, the only thing this dog cares about is living that life, and that life is so much better than what most of us have going on at the moment. It’s just hanging out in a sling attached to its owner’s torso, chilling without a care in the world. The only thing this dog might be thinking about is “hey, it’s kind of warm, a drink of water would be pretty awesome right about n—oh, snap! Dasani, son!”

Speaking of which, look at the guy holding this dog. Look at those sunglasses.Look at that freakin’ mullet. This is too much. It’s so amazing. These two even turn their heads and look in the same direction at the same time like they share brain waves or something.

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