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This Mushroom Suit Will Eat Your Body After You Die


There has been a great buzz about how people must do their best to cut down the carbon footprint in their lives. Though, we seem to not realize that we all have a great bit of effect on the environment even after our death courtesy of the funeral industry which is marked with abnormal levels of toxin. A group of designers has proposed an innovative way to deal with this in shape of a jumpsuit which is woven using mushroom-spore-infused thread called the Infinity Burial Suit.

Mushroom suit

This jumpsuit is also known as mushroom death suit by some. The concept behind this new suggestion is that mushrooms start to grow from one’s body upon burial. These mushrooms steadily start to digest the body as they undo the effect of the contaminants in the environment. These could range from heavy metals to pesticides. It is no surprise that the idea of this suit gave rise to a great bit of controversy when it was first suggested about 5 year back. It is now expected to hit shop shelves this April.

Basically, the jumpsuit makes use of the power from Mycoremediation. This is actually the capability of mushrooms to clean environment contaminants. Jae Rhim Lee is the co-creator who mentioned that he was motivated by the concept of mushrooms being top decomposers of the Earth which makes them an interface organism in-between life as well as death. Lee, in collaboration with her company called Coeio, announced the first subject for the trail to be a 63 year old, Dennis White. The subject suffers from Primary Progressive Aphasia which is a terminal degenerative disease. Apparently, there are already hundreds of customers queuing up to get their hands on the jumpsuit which will set them back by $999.


The research team has also decided to design Infinity Pod in order to help the bodies of pets return to nature. The team wishes to release this by the start of next month in light of the growing demand for the Infinity Pod. The company has not yet released any further detailsregarding strain of the Infinity Mushroom. However, they do proclaim that Lee picked the strain upon feeding her hair, nails and skin to some mushrooms in order to choose only the most efficient decomposers to get this successfully underway. Surely, this sounds rather creepy but given the adverse impact on the environment, this may prove quite useful.


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