Source| The Sunday morning terrorist attack in Orlando has led to debates and commentary on gun control, gay rights and how to deal with the Islamic State group.

One liberal website, ThinkProgress, posted a tweet in response to the attack claiming that the gun itself committed the shooting, not the terrorist who was pulling the trigger.

However, it didn’t take long for conservatives to ridicule the progressive site for the absurd notion that an inanimate object committed this heinous crime, including a piece from conservative news site, RedState, that undoubtedly humiliated the entire ThinkProgress team.

“This is the gun that committed the deadliest shooting in U.S. history,” the tweet read, accompanied by a picture of a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle.

RedState wasted no time pointing out the absurdity of the claim that this gun committed the shooting.

“Think Progress reports that a gun became sentient, stormed a nightclub, and killed 50 people all by itself,” Caleb Howe wrote for the conservative site.

“Folks, they are simply, absolutely, totally out of their ever-loving minds,” Howe wrote, summarizing the feelings of not just conservatives, but anyone with a brain across the country. “This is the dumbest possible thing.”

The conservative writer went on to list all of the reasons why this ThinkProgress tweet was completely absurd.

First, Howe pointed out what should be obvious (but apparently isn’t to liberals): “A gun cannot commit a crime. This a fact of science and law. A person commits a crime.”

What’s even worse is that we know the name of the person who pulled the trigger AND his declared reason for the massacre, yet liberals still insist on blaming the gun.

“The gun did not make any claims,” Howe explained. “The gun did not swear allegiance to anyone. The gun does not have a birth certificate. It does not have parents from Afghanistan.”

But, as the conservative writer pointed out, liberals likely found themselves in quite the predicament considering that it was a Muslim who shot up a gay nightclub.

“Both gays and Muslims are on the liberal list of aggrieved persons who must be used for votes,” Howe explained. “Liberals can’t pick sides between them.”

Liberals wouldn’t dare blame the radical Islamic terrorist for his own actions, so instead, they chose to blame an inanimate object for the murders of 49 people.

As Howe concluded in his epic RedState article: “God help us all.”


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  1. Harlin Cheatwood

    June 15, 2016 at 9:15 pm

    It has been reported that the semi automatic rifle that the ISIS TERRORIST used to kill many people and wound many others in ORLANDO was not a A R 15 nor was it a 5.56 / .223 It was reported to be a Sig Sauer in .30 Blackout, a more deadly semi automatic in a more deadly caliber !

  2. Ted

    June 16, 2016 at 6:19 am

    So since it’s the gun’s fault I guess they along with Black Lies Matters will now STFU when some “innocent” thug a** criminal is shot by a police officer that is only trying to do his job of protecting people from such an upstanding citizen.

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