This Badass 14-Year-Old Girl Is Embarking On A Massive Polar Expedition


_88994037_captureMeet Jade Hameister. She is 14 years old, awesome, and working to become the youngest person to conquer the world’s three polar regions (while inadvertently putting your half-assed basement Zumba workouts to shame).

Tonight, Hameister is leaving her home of Melbourne, Australia (of f*ckingcourse she’s Australian) for the North Pole, where she’ll begin a journey, often referred to as “The Polar Hat Trick,” that will eventually cover 1,243 miles across three regions. Each of the journey’s three legs is completed separately.

The North Pole is the first of Hameister’s three adventures, and it is expected to take 21 days unless Santa is there, in which case, his endless rants about global warming may delay her a little bit. In a year,

Hameister will tackle the Greenland Crossing and in the summer of 2017, the South Pole.

After hearing about the journey from an Icelandic woman at Everest Base Camp when she was 12, Hameister herself became obsessed with the idea and started training right away. Meanwhile, when we were 12, we heard about Double Stuf Oreos and wondered if one day they could maybe do Triple Stuf?

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